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    9 products

    Aesthetic Nation brings the best quality N95 Masks at the cheapest price in India. Buy Pack of 10-20-50 to avail the best offers.


    Air Pollution

    Caused mainly due to harmful and poisonous substances in the environment, also known as pollutants or contaminants, pollution is one of the leading reasons for triggering various types of diseases and health issues. Most types of pollutants are invisible to the eye, there are 7 major types which include air, water, soil, thermal, radioactive, noise and light pollution. Each has its own effect on not only living beings but also the environment as a whole.

    Air Pollution Mask

    Air is a culmination of various types of gaseous bodies each varying in percentage, for example- oxygen is about 21% along with CO2, Nitrogen and other inert gases. There are various factors such as combustion of fossil fuels like coal and oil for transport and electricity, industrial release, burning of plastic, rubber or wood, agricultural waste and various other factors that contribute in the contamination of the air we breathe.

    An air pollution mask, face mask or pollution masks offer an effective a way of protecting yourself and your loved ones from the hazardous effects of pollution. They are worn around your nose and mouth to filter out the pollutants before you breathe. There are long term health benefits to wearing a pollution mask, but it is necessary that the mask fit well.

    Buy Best Pollution Mask Online in India

    There is a wide range of pollution masks available in the market, which gives you the choice to choose between the right mask depending on its fit and features. It is very important to choose a mask which fits well, as an ill fitted mask will do you no good.

    You can buy the mask online from AestheticNation range of pollution masks at a great price.

    Buy Mask Online at Seniority

    Among the several types of pollution face masks available in the market, each mask has a distinct and unique feature. Buy anti-pollution mask online from Aesthetic Nation range as it offers a number of options to choose from depending on what you need.

    Types of Pollution Masks

    Pollution masks are differentiated according to the ratings given to them, i.e N - Not resistant to oil, R - Resistant to oil pollutants and P - Oilproof.

    1. N95 masks - This basic air pollution mask filters 95% of air pollutants. It can filter out most pollutants, even PM2.5. The N95 air mask has a separate passage (or air valves) which lets out the air after exhaling. This not only prevents moisture and fogging under the nose-bridge and eyes but also makes it more comfortable to use. N95 masks are also washable and reusable


    2. P95 and R95 masks - P-rated and R-rated masks are different. The P-rated masks are completely resistant to oil-based pollutants and the R-rated masks are partially resistant to oily particles. These masks are usually expensive compared to the N-series and are used for industrial purposes.

    Face Mask for Pollution

    A face mask is a necessity and a perfect accessory as it not only helps filter out the pollutants when you are out but also covers half your face which keeps the dust and dirt off the face.


    Nose Mask for Pollution

    There are various nasal filters in the market, these masks are designed to cover only the nasal passage while breathing to filter out the pollutants in the air. The nose masks or nasal masks are easy to use, discreet and great for your respiratory health.

    Breathing Mask for Pollution

    3M N95 mask is one of the most common and affordable breathing masks for pollution. They filter out at least 95% of the airborne particles.

    Antiviral Mask

    Avoid catching or spreading viral diseases such as cough, cold, various types of flus, viruses and other respiratory infections. They are mostly advised to people suffering from viral infections and for people who are in contact or surrounded by them. These masks are usually disposable and work only when the fit is right.

    Choose an antiviral and disposable facemask from Aesthetic Nation range of pollution and face masks at a great price.

    Air Purifier Face Mask

    Anti-pollution or an air purifier mask is more innovatively designed. These masks are usually 5 layered to filter out dirt, dust, smoke and other pollutants. It also keeps away the PM2.5 particles which are almost 1/13th of one hair strand. They reach the respiratory tract and lungs to cause health issues.

    Pollution Mask for Men, Women & Kids

    Pollution masks are unisex and are not differentiated according to gender while buying. Most of them also have a universal and an all size fit making them ideal for everyone. Wearing a mask is of no use if it is ill fitted, i.e too loose, too tight or if they are causing breathing resistance. Thus, the masks feature an adjustable closure strap, nose clip or pad to adjust or bridge the gap between your nose, cheeks, jaws and chin.

    Choosing the right mask for kids is important. P-rated masks are ideal for kids as they even offer protection against oil-based pollutants like gasoline, petrol or diesel. The alternative to the P-rated mask is the N-rated mask as they protect against pollutants as small as PM 2.5.

    Best Anti-Pollution Mask for Bikers

    It is recommended that bikers use the N99 mask as it has an efficiency rate of about 99% and offers protection even from the smaller particles such as the PM 2.5. It is important that these masks have a valve to help you breathe adequately while on the bike.

    Reusable Pollution Mask

    Not all masks are reusable as they have a shorter service life and need to be disposed after use. Reusable pollution masks are those where the filter in the mask can be changed so that the wearer need not buy a completely new mask again and again. These masks are to be reused only if their structural and functional integrity is intact.

    Washable Anti-Pollution Mask

    Only some of the masks are washable as they do not have a longer service life. You can wash the mask by removing the filter and then putting the mask in soap diluted with warm water. Gently knead, clean and dry for a few hours. Do not use bleach or soak in soap water as it will reduce its effectiveness.

    Buy Pollution Mask from Various Brands Online at

    1. Anti-Pollution Face Mask by Bodyguard – This Bodyguard masks for pollution is a N99 grade mask which features 6-layer filtration technology for reliable respiratory protection. The mask has a breathing valve and an activated carbon layer to filter out impurities, even as small as PM 2.5 particles. They can be washed and reused easily.

    2. Anti-Pollution Face Mask by Renew Air – The Renew Air face mask for pollution is a N95 grade dust mask which is made from special cotton. This 4 ply air pollution mask features five different filtration layers and one replaceable N95 PM 2.5 filter. This washable mask also features a nose bridge arrangement and ear loop.

    3. Face Mask by Newnik – This triple-pleated mask by Newnik is used to avoid spreading diseases. It is a loose-fitting mask which helps you breathe easily and cover your nose and mouth. The mask has a strip of plastic at the top so that the wearer can mould the mask around the nose for greater fit.

    4. Pollution Masks by Dettol – Dettol masks are also available in different sizes depending upon the structure of the face. Dettol also offers pollution masks in both N95 and N99 range. They have multiple layers of filters, adjustable straps, nose clip & breathing valves. These masks are also washable & reusable.

    5. 3M Pollution Masks – The 3M mask filters upto 80% of the dust and pollution particles. They have been tested for efficiency against 0.3-micron sodium chloride particles. These masks are foldable, easy to use, features adjustable straps and nose clip for perfect fit.

    6. Anti-Pollution Mask by Apollo Pharmacy – This NIOSH approved mask offers 95% filtration efficiency. It is a N95 grade mask which offers protection against non-oil based particles and features cushioning nose foam and dual strap design for greater grip and better fit.

    • N95 masks -

    An N95 facemask or N95 respirator is designed to fit over the nose and mouth of the wearer to provide respiratory protection against airborne particles. If properly fitted, it can filter at least 95% of very small airborne particles (0.3 micron) but is not resistant to oil-based particles. Most N95 masks are certified by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) and feature a NIOSH logo with the test and certification (TC) approval number on the mask or packaging.

    Intended for use in a health care setting, some N95 respirators are also manufactured to use by workers in a construction or other industrial type setting that exposes them to dust and small particles.

    Please note that these masks are not intended to protect you against chemical vapors, gases, carbon monoxide, gasoline, asbestos, lead or low oxygen environments.

    While an N95 face mask or respirator may offer more protection than regular surgical masks, the OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration of the United States) states that – a respirator is disposable and can be discarded after use, or when it becomes damaged or soiled.

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