About Us

A Fitness Clothing Brand That Focuses On Innovation.

Youtube Coverage by Joshtalks -Ā Ā https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=izbRGzDyT0UĀ Ā 

Started as a fitness page on Facebook back in February 2012 with the name Aesthetic Nation, the page was dedicated to fitness & fitness related articles that received massive response taking us to over 60,000 Followers in 2 years. As a Fitness Enthusiast, I always wanted to do something within the industry, where we realized there was a gap in the Indian fitness clothing market which could be fulfilled.

Back in 2014, the Fitness Industry was extremely Saturated. It was growing with the increasing craze of Fitness Exhibitions. With the growing craze of Fitness, the interest of wearing Gym Apparels was rising too. Aesthetic Nation was India's 1st Brand to Launch the Original Gym Wear in the country. We are proud to be an early initiator in terms of Fitness Apparels, Fashion & Technology in the Apparels Segment.

Aesthetic Nation released a bunch of range that included Gym Stringers / Singlets, Bodybuilding Tshirts, Training Shorts, Performance Training Hoodie & the most loved Tapered Bottom Pants / Lowers. 2015 was marked as the rise of underdogs from literally a few apparel being sold on instagram and facebook to over 200 Varieties today.

Today, AestheticNation ships approximately around 15,000 Orders a year & aims to scale it to over 3,000 Per Month by 4th Quarter 2022.

The brand is available for Retailing / Reselling with 2 Different Business Models 1. Reseller 2. Franchisee. Presently, we are available in approximate 19-20 Stores within India & aim to retail in at least 100 Stores by this year-end(2021).

TeamĀ Behind The Brand &Ā Their Stories -

Aniket, Founder / Sales Head of the Brand & Journey to this sport is shared on his linkedin profile. Know aboutĀ the team's story in his own words referred from LinkedIn.

ā€œComing from a 10x10 Apartment & making a name with limited funds and resources sound difficult but not impossible, Iā€™ll tell you how. When people celebrated Diwali by burning crackers, I celebrated the festival by running business out of it.Ā The fire crackers my father used to bring to celebrate Diwali Approximately worth Rs. 400-500, I used to sell them through my stall (Small Foothpath stall) instead of burning them all and wasting valuable money, always making profit every season. This has been the beginning of my entrepreneurial journey.

Being a middle class guy wasn't my choice, it was my fate. But remaining middle class for the rest of my life will never be my choice. Today I am 30 Y.O (2022), my dreams have remained the same, to Rise N Grind & this attitude has turned into a habit, finally turning into wealth."

Aesthetic Nation's foundational pillar & COO Nikhil Suvarna has been the second most important reason for consistent growth and development. Nikhil handles the production & operations in the company & assures seamless manufacturing / product development all year long. Nikhil, being the best friend to Aniket for more than 25 years has been the reason for exponential growth Aesthetic Nation has had in the past few years & it is never going to stop.

Company - Aesthetic Nation (Aesthetic Apparels Pvt Ltd).
Establishment - Oct 2014
Marketed Since 2018
Funding - Bootstrapped from Rs. 2.5Lacs.

The success and unstoppable progress of the brand is all because of the two Foundational Pillars Aniket & Nikhil, have you got it what it takes to uplift the brand ?